Cliff Notes: Optimal practice combined with treating your mind and body right = golf Nirvana and possibly going low. 

What set OPEN RANGE GOLF in motion? A sleeping spouse. That's right. OPEN RANGE was created because a late commute home meant the significant other had already checked in for the night and yours truly wanted somewhere to refine my game. Since the option to practice late without spending a small fortune for an in-home simulator didn't exist, OPEN RANGE was born. 

Here at OPEN RANGE, we love to practice. Beating balls at the range without unbiased feedback has proven to be ineffective and, at times, harmful to our progress. We've also dealt with injuries that hindered improvement and were caused by neglecting the mental and physical attention a complete golf game requires. So, we combined the two and created a place where current and future golfers could exercise, practice with a data based purpose, and enjoy the fruits of that labor on (virtual) courses from around the world, all without endangering the kids' college fund.   

 Here are the juicy details for the Ultimate Golf Membership:

  • Unlimited access to Trackman, the professional's choice for golf simulators.
    • Auto-generated practice plans based on your swing and improvement goals.
    • Access to all of your practice data at any time, as long as you have access to the Inter-webs. 
    • Play golf courses from around the world in under an hour. 
    • Join leagues or create your own. 
  • Golf Gym geared towards injury prevention and performance prep so you can maximize your practice time and continue to play the game you love.
  • Operating hours accommodating early birds and night owls (and the lunch hustler). 
  • A community of like-minded golfers joining you on the Journey to Better. 

We look forward to meeting you,